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Beautiful Townhomes

Our beautiful townhomes offer a modern living experience with amenities and convenient location in a peaceful community setting.

Personalized Services

We provide individualized attention and tailored solutions to meet the unique needs of everyone in our communities.

Compassionate about care

Our team has a deep commitment and genuine desire to help others and make a positive impact on their lives.

Senior Class. 

Our mission is to create the best living environment possible for our residents, whether in our Assisted Living apartments, or in our Independent Living Townhomes.  

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The Manor Senior Living Communities

Welcome to the Community

What exactly are communities? Communities are simply groups of people who share something in common. The residents in our unique senior communities share a desire to be as independent as possible but enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that whatever level of service or care they need will be provided by caring professionals.

Whether relying on the specialized care in our assisted living communities or enjoying the independence of our Townhome communities, each of our residents considers The Manor to be their home. A home they share with friends, both new and old, that provides not only great care but also activities and experiences they’ll cherish.

Older couple enjoying assisted living and/or independent living neighborhood.
Strong communities and deep connections

Our Communities are built on a foundation of shared values and supportive relationships. Our goal is to bring people together and create a true sense of belonging.

Convenient locations and safe surroundings

Our strategically located Communities offer easy access to amenities and a secure environment for residents to feel comfortable and at peace.

A talented team,
at your service

Our talented team is comprised of highly-skilled and dedicated individuals. Each of them bring their unique expertise and passion to our Communities every day.

Quality Independent Living Townhome at The Manor

Independence and Leisure at our Townhomes

Safety, security, and convenience sum up the living experience in our Townhomes. As part of a private neighborhood, each of our Townhomes offer everything a person or couple needs to lead a fulfilling lifestyle. When we say “convenience,” we mean living in a safe location within minutes of excellent healthcare facilities, many different shopping centers and retail establishments, restaurants, and everything else that enhances independent living. Come and go when and where you please!

 Comfort and Convenience in our  Assisted Living Apartments

Our Assisted Living Apartments provide a serene and secure place to live, by offering superb care in a beautifully maintained, professionally managed setting.

Our residents continue living their lives to the fullest, while experiencing a true sense of belonging. With a dedicated and caring staff, our goal is to provide our residents and their families relief from the stresses of everyday life, and give them more time to focus on their family and friends, and other enjoyable things in their lives.

The Manor's Assisted Living Lobby - Experience Senior Living at its best!
African American Seniors Living Their Best Lives in An Independent Living Neighborhood Community

The Manor Difference
Community, Compassion, Convenience

The Manor Senior Living Communities are locally owned and dedicated to quality, built on a strong foundation of family, community, long-term commitment, and the entrepreneurial spirit. We welcome and embrace each of our seniors, for who they are, and the wisdom that each one brings to us. We see our residents as individuals, each exceptional in their own way, and we work diligently to provide an extraordinary community where each of our residents can feel safe, cared for, special, and loved.

1401 Labelle Dr

Little Rock, AR


4727 Boone Rd

Bryant, AR


Tel: (501) 444-2390

Tel: (501) 316-4100

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