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Embracing a New Chapter: Decorating Your Senior Living Home

Welcome to a thrilling new stage in your journey! As you transition into a senior living home, you're not just moving to a new place – you're embracing an opportunity for a fresh start, surrounded by potential new friends. Let's dive into how to transform your senior living residence, whether it's an independent living home or an assisted living apartment, into a stylish, welcoming, and comfortable haven.

Furnishing Your Space: What to Expect?

The big question: Are senior living homes furnished? Well, it varies. Some come furnished, others don't. For example, The Townhomes at the Manor offer unfurnished spaces, allowing residents to bring their cherished furniture. An unfurnished residence is your blank canvas, while a furnished one comes with essentials, letting you focus on personalizing with your favorite decorations and photos.

Creating a Homely Feel in Your New Abode

Transitioning to a new, perhaps smaller space can be challenging. But fear not! With some planning and our tips, your senior living residence will feel just as cozy and familiar as your previous home.

  • Cherish Your Memories: Fill your space with beloved items – photos, art, and knick-knacks that tell your story and spark conversations.

  • Functional and Comfortable Furniture: Choose pieces that are both comfy and practical. Think coffee tables with storage, multifunctional furniture, and vertical storage solutions like bookcases.

  • Magic of Mirrors: Large mirrors can brighten your space by reflecting light, and their frames can complement your decor style.

  • Soft Furnishings and Greenery: Add warmth with throw blankets, cushions, rugs, and curtains. Plants, real or artificial, bring a touch of nature and tranquility.

  • Safety First: In communities like The Townhomes, prioritize safety in your furniture choices. Rounded tables, adequate space for mobility, and well-placed lighting can make a significant difference.

Before moving, check with your community for any specific guidelines or tips for decorating and moving in.

Assisted Living Apartment Décor

Decorating an assisted living apartment focuses on safety and accessibility, similar to any senior living space. Ensure wide paths for easy mobility and avoid trip hazards like rugs and loose cords. Incorporate accessible furniture and appliances, like cabinets with large knobs and glow-in-the-dark light switches, to enhance both safety and comfort.

Personalizing Your Five Star Senior Living Apartment at The Manor

At The Manor, our unfurnished apartments are a canvas for your cherished items (although we do provide a small refrigerator and microwave in each unit. We're here to help ensure everything fits securely and safely, from your favorite morning coffee chair to your treasured bookshelf. Our team is dedicated to making your move seamless, offering unparalleled comfort and a community that empowers you in your new chapter.

Embrace this exciting transition with creativity and joy, and make your senior living space a true reflection of you!

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